A Wee Update…

I haven’t posted anything for some time, I’m summer-lazy I suppose. Furthermore, there really just hasn’t been much to discuss – which is sad. But in the last month we’ve started to see some progress on a few things we’ve been hard at work on…

For starters, we have our first new Brewery since De Ranke joined our portfolio in July of last year, Boundary Bay Brewery out of Bellingham! Boundary Bay is a bit of a staple for Vancouver beer folks, so it’s great to have their products available up here. However, we should state that this product won’t be available at all times, as they are a brewpub, not a full production brewery. That said, we got a fair share of IPA and Scotch bottles, and kegs that were well distributed throughout Vancouver, and a little in Victoria. This beer is now available. Some places include the Alibi Room, St. Augustine’s, Viti, Brewery Creek, Firefly, The Pourhouse, Cook St. Village Liquor Store, Darby’s, Big Ridge Liquor Store, Central City Liquor Store, and a few others.

We’ve also signed up a super cool new brewery that I can’t tell you about yet… haha. Seriously, but once the beer is on the boat for Vancouver I will disclose this. (A boat? That’s a clue… it’s Belgian)

We do have several cases of some very exciting Cantillon beers that should actually hit the warehouse today. These include St. Lamvinus, Vigneronne, Lou Pepe Kriek and Framboise, Iris, and Bruocsella 1900 Grand Cru (Straight Lambic).  It should be about 2 weeks until you see this stuff on store shelves.

Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project has also sent us another order which should replenish the ever popular Jack D’Or and Baby Tree supplies, the order also includes the summer seasonal “American Darling”. This is the best lager I’ve ever had from the US. I said it. I believe it.

I’ve also booked a trip to Belgium in August which should prove to broaden the portfolio some more. I’m very excited about this. Of course, I will be blogging more at that time so I can share my experiences at Cantillon, De Ranke, De La Senne, and all the other breweries I will be visiting. Stay tuned for that.