“Boundary IPA”

Inside Passage Ale
Boundary Bay's signature beer, the IPA or "Inside Passage Ale" is a classic Northwest IPA. The aroma brings a smattering of hops, fruity and piney, while the slightly malty body stands up to an aggressive, but balanced bitter finish.

6.5% Alc/Vol

“Scotch Ale”

Malt-focused, Scotch-style Ale
The Scotch 'Style' Ale is Boundary Bay's other 'year round' beer and is available in bottles and draft. This malt focused beer is quaffable all year and is balanced with a clean bitter finish. Dark, malty and clean, we like to think it's the kind of beer Lord and Ladies would be drinking around a big medieval feast!

“Cabin Fever - Winter Ale”

Unspiced Northwest Winter Ale
Cabin Fever is a strong ale, or "winter warmer," and it has a deep burgundy-brown hue and a very rich and malty flavor. Pale 2-Row, Dark Crystal, Munich, Carastan, oats and Chocolate malts combine to create a complex malt base. And to balance things out, the beer is hopped with Mount Hood, Warrior and Crystal hops, with a dry-hop addition of Cascade.

This toothsome beer is chewy and wholesome, and it has a really nice velvety smoothness, thanks to an extra long cold conditioning.

7% Alc/Vol