“Taras Boulba”

Hoppy Belgian Ale
"Taras Boulba" is perhaps the flagship beer of De La Senne, and the beer that introduced us to the brewery and a chance meeting of one of the brewers, Yvan De Baets. Yvan named this beer after a character in a Nikolai Gogol novella "Taras Bulba" that tells the story of an old Cossack soldier and his sons.

At only 4.5% this beer is ridiculously refreshing, with a hoppy, citrusy nose and that beautiful complexity that only comes from Belgian yeast strains.


“Jambe De Bois”

Belgian Tripel
This is De La Senne's Tripel, a beer of 8% alcohol by volume, with a massively complex and fruit nose sustained by a malty body that delivers a powerful, full body. The nose also contains a fair amount of aromatic hops that defines this beer as a more modern, craft-brewed tripel, as opposed to those tripels from larger and/or Trappist breweries that tend to be sweeter, more fruit forward versions of the style. It's an absolute treat.


Belgian Stout
Stouterik is a Belgian Stout, which is a term loosely used throughout the internet to describe a stout made with a Belgian Yeast, though not always in Belgium. In this case, both are true.

This beer is based on a Dry Irish Stout though, not a stronger or sweeter stout as many Belgian-style stouts often are. Therefore, at 4.5% the beer is lighter and drier, with a fresh bitterness and roasted notes that maximize it's drinkability. This ale also possesses some light fruitiness from the house strain of yeast, distinguishing itself from a traditional Irish stout.


Belgian Pale Ale
Zinnebir - Brussel's People Ale.

Zinnebir derives it's name from the Brussels term 'zinneke', which refers to wild, stray or bastard dogs that used to inhabit the poorer areas of Brussels along the Zenne river which flows through Brussels. This term means 'little bastards' and according to the brewers has since come to be used for young men of mixed background in these same areas (those with french speaking mothers and flemish fathers, or vice versa).

The beer is golden blonde, with a complex nose with a fruity and hop aroma. 6% alc./vol, malty, with a fine bitterness and a long finish.