“Tilquin Quetsche”

Lambic with Plums
To differentiate his fruited lambics from the traditional 'Krieks' so often made by others, Pierre decided to use plums for his fruited version, instead. After all, the fruit tends to dominate the character most fruited lambics, so with kriek cherries being mostly the same as other kriek cherries, the use of plums guarantees a wildly different outcome that you're sure to enjoy. The resulting beer is also slightly less acidic than krieks ('kriek' is the Flemish name for Morello Cherries, a specifically sour varietal), since plums are not quite as tart. Salut!


Gueuze a l'Ancienne
About 25 minutes from Brussels is the only Gueuzerie in the French speaking part of Belgium, Wallonia. Pierre Tilquin is the proprietor of Gueuzerie Tilquin and since 2010 has been bottling his fine product. His Gueuze was actually the first beer I tried during my trip to Belgium last August, at Moeder Lambic Fontainas and it was exceptional.

Pierre learned his craft working at both 3 Fonteinen, and Cantillon and is using lambic from Boon, Lindeman's, Girardin and Cantillon in his blend. 3 Fonteinen, for example, is also a Gueuze blender of much esteem, but it is the Cantillon that will differentiate Pierre's product, as his is the only gueuze containing Cantillon (other than Cantillon, itself, of course). Omitting the Cantillon would essentially make his blend the same as 3 Fonteinen.

The result of this blend is an exceptionally complex gueuze that will be certain to appease lovers of the style.