“Cuvee Angelique”

Speciale Belge
This beer is has a deep caramel flavour to it and delivers a ton of date, prune, dark fruit and caramel apple type flavours while maintaining a medium bitter finish. A very interest take on a "Speciale Belge" style. It can have a touch of yeast derived sourness to it as well, which does balance out the caramel like maltiness, although the beer is rather dry and not at all cloying or sticky.

A very interesting treat indeed!

“Jan De Lichte”

Strong Wit
Jan de Licthe was an 18th Century Belgian gangster, who was executed at 25 in the town of Aalst, and he was also the main character of another Louis Paul Boon novel. Jef and his partners have designed a strong witbier in his honour, and this is the only Glazen Toren beer in which spice additions are used.

This was the biggest surprise and delight from the 5 beers at Glazen Toren, it's extremely refreshing with a clean, bready background and it employs a complimentary, not abusive use of traditional spices.

“Saison Erpe-Mere”

Traditional Belgian Saison
By now it's probably clear that we are mad about "Saison-style" beers. This one is a straight classic. Michael Jackson nails it by describing it has having a 'dry hopsack bitterness, and pithy gin-like character'. It's finishes quite crisp and fresh, too. We can still remember the hot Belgian summer day when we had our first sip at the brewery!

“Ondineke Tripel”

Belgian Tripel
A tribute to the town of Aalst, Ondineke is a beautiful Tripel style ale named after Louis Paul Boon's character 'Ondineke' (On-Din-A-KA) from the novel De Kapellekensbaan. Mark is also the head librarian in Aalst.

“Canaster Winter Scotch”

Unspiced Belgian Winter Ale
This Belgian Winter Ale is brewed without spices for the Winter season. It is a balance of sweet, tangy and bitter flavours that is sure to delight. Those of you that find most winter warmers over-spiced, or cloyingly sweet will love it.

Available seasonally in 750ml bottles.