“Late Harvest”

Barrel-Aged Seasonal
An ever-changing small batch blend that uses a farmhouse brown ale base with any number of herbs or spices carefully chosen by our brewers to make a wine-like and complex beer unlike any other. It’s barrel-aged for roughly one year and every vintage is different. Cellar for two to four years, depending on vintage.

We typically get this beer in stock in early winter, though the brewery releases it as it's ready which is not always the same time every year.

7% Alc/Vol


"Five" - Hoppy Belgian Pale Ale
Five blends several hop varieties with pale caramel malts to create a uniquely complex profile. Subtle pale fruit aromas created during the fermentation brighten the profile and bring the beer balance.

Malts: oregon pale, organic caramel
Other: rolled barley
Hops: willamette, liberty, perle

5.5%, 37 IBU's


Strong Saison
Seven is the most Belgian-esque of the numbered beers, where the house yeast is fully expressed with a big fruitiness while the hops provide spicy and herbal elements. The beer has some heft mid-palate but finishes dry.

Malts: oregon pale, pilsener, organic munich
Hops: magnum, tettnanger, hallertauer mittelfrüh, liberty

8%, 23 IBU's

“Pure Wit”

Belgian Wit Style

Upright’s take on a Belgian-style wit using coriander and a special bitter orange peel for aromatics. A French saison yeast gives the beer an extra dry finish, and sour mashing part of the grist lends a nice snappy acidity.

4.5% Alc/Vol


Farmhouse Rye
Six is a rye beer displaying the great spicy notes the grain is known for along with a deep caramel core and delicate bubblegum note rooted in its open fermentation. Despite it's dark color, the beer finishes quite dry and refreshing.

Malts: oregon pale, caramel, rye
Other: rolled rye, black barley
Hops: magnum, tettnanger

6.7%, 25 IBU's


Four - Farmhouse Wheat Beer
Four is a wheat beer embodying the spirit of country-style French & Belgian ales. It's light but nuanced with floral and herbal aromas and flavors, capped by a dry and mildly tart finish.

Malts: oregon pale, organic wheat
Other: rolled wheat
Hops: hallertauer mittelfrüh

4.5%, 18 IBU's