Brasserie De Cazeau (Tournay)

When I went to Belgium last August, the very first beer I ordered was Saison Cazeau. Being a sucker for saisons in general made it easy, but it came highly recommended as well from good friends… and it did not disappoint. Right away I wanted to import this beer! Thankfully, the brewery is only about 20 minutes from De Ranke, so a few days later Nino Bacelle was kind enough to introduce me to Laurent Agache, who having just finished a brew day, made for an excellent host, and gave us a tour.

I’ve posted a few pics here of the old farmhouse brewery. I have to say the building and general locale was my favourite in Belgium, probably because it’s closest to what I imagined when I sipped my first Saison so many years ago. (It was Saison D’Epeautre, by the way)

The Noire sealed the deal as far as deciding to import this line up – it’s roasty, dry, snappy finish leaves an impression unlike any other Belgian dark ale you’ll be likely to find in North America. A true gem.


We will be importing the Tripel and the Saison later this summer. The former is brand new, and I’ve not tried it, and the latter is made only once a year when the elderflowers used in the brewing process can be harvested (usually late June).

Before anyone asks, I am not sure if the Tournay Noel will fit into our schedule this year, but I certainly hope to import some if that works out.

I hope you enjoy these beers as much as I do!