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Pretty Things “KK” – Conversation With Dann Paquette

Adam Henderson interviews Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project Brewer Dann Paquette on the November 15th, 1901 “KK” beer from their “Once Upon a Time Series”. Just in case you don’t know, this is an accurate historical recreation of a… Read More >

San Fran and Napa Trip

I just got back from a trip to Northern California. I toured San Francisco and the Napa Valley mostly, and visited with suppliers and some other great places, too. Here’s a quick overview. Chris Brockway makes his Broc Cellars wine… Read More >

De Ranke!

We’re extremely proud to say that Brouwerij De Ranke (‘Duh Rawnk-uh’) is our newest supplier at RainCity Brands. This 15 year old Belgian brewery has a made a big splash in the USA over the past few years, and what… Read More >

Let Dann Take You to 1832

Once Upon A Time… I wrote about this 1832 recreation of a beer in a previous post, but then I found a video that explains it much better, and from Dann Paquette himself! I hope this makes you as thirsty… Read More >

The Next ‘Pretty Thing’ in Vancouver, BC

Dann Paquette has a beer in the works, and you and I both know it’s not going to be like anything you’ve had before.  Unless you were of drinking age in 1832. I called Dann the day after he brewed… Read More >

Upright Brewing Video

Here is a great quality video from Basic Brewing that really captures what Alex Ganum is doing at Portland’s Upright Brewing. As Alex says, there aren’t too many markets where this beer is available. RainCity Brands will have Upright’s beer… Read More >