Fluffy White Rabbits Hop Into Town

Although Easter may have come and gone, Dann and Martha over at Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project captured and bottled a few of the seasons’ favourite critters. Fluffy White Rabbits, a Hoppy Triple and the latest seasonal release from the small Massachusetts brewer, is set to appear in the Vancouver area within 2-3 weeks. There are a very limited number of these bottles, so we hope that you can find some. Bring a basket full of coloured easter grass down to the store and stock up. We’re kidding about that last part, but you should just do what feels right.

If you notice, as we did, that the fella in the front right of the label is wearing some nice slacks, well then good on ya! Dann says these were sketched on as a final addition because his wife Martha thought the level of rabbit nudity was approaching distaste. The guy on the left, wearing the vest, was originally standing beside the one with pants but they moved him over to balance the art work – I say that is just splitting hares.