Cantillon Arrivals – New Lambics in Town

We’re happy to announce that we have new Cantillon arrivals that will leave our warehouse this week for retail locations in Vancouver. We received only a very limited quantity of the following beers: Lou Pepe Kriek and Framboise Iris St…. Read More >

How We Got Our Brands

  With my trip to Belgium approaching I will be posting more about the breweries I visit, especially those that will be joining the portfolio.  Sometimes people ask about how why we have the beers in our portfolio that we… Read More >

A Wee Update…

I haven’t posted anything for some time, I’m summer-lazy I suppose. Furthermore, there really just hasn’t been much to discuss – which is sad. But in the last month we’ve started to see some progress on a few things we’ve… Read More >

Vancouver Craft Beer Week

It’s Vancouver Craft Beer Week! Here’s an overview of what we’re doing! Monday May 9th Belgian Beer Showcase at BierCraft Bistro – Experience the best of Belgium. We will be pouring a selection of beers from Cantillon and De Ranke…. Read More >

More on The Tied House Issue

Paul Kamon at Urban Dinner was kind enough to let Rick Green and I share our respective view points on this issue. I’m happy that people are discussing it, and I’m actually even happier that there is disagreement. It’s extremely important… Read More >

Proposed Policy Changes in BC

The BC Government and the LCLB (Liquor Control and Licensing Board) have proposed some changes to the “Tied House” and “Trade Practices” policies that currently govern booze sales in BC. I’m not sure what most people will think of… Read More >

Pretty Things “KK” – Conversation With Dann Paquette

Adam Henderson interviews Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project Brewer Dann Paquette on the November 15th, 1901 “KK” beer from their “Once Upon a Time Series”. Just in case you don’t know, this is an accurate historical recreation of a… Read More >

Russian Imperial Stout Brew-Day

On Friday, Nov 12th, I brewed a batch of my Russian Imperial Stout (8%) at R&B Brewing in Vancouver. It will be served on cask at The Whip sometime, likely before Christmas. This was my prize for winning a gold… Read More >

San Fran and Napa Trip

I just got back from a trip to Northern California. I toured San Francisco and the Napa Valley mostly, and visited with suppliers and some other great places, too. Here’s a quick overview. Chris Brockway makes his Broc Cellars wine… Read More >

Great Canadian Beer Festival, 2010

The 2010 Great Canadian Beer Festival is behind us, and we’re back to work now. This was a really great weekend to hang out with friends and meet new people, and more importantly it was a shining testament to the… Read More >