Russian Imperial Stout Brew-Day

On Friday, Nov 12th, I brewed a batch of my Russian Imperial Stout (8%) at R&B Brewing in Vancouver. It will be served on cask at The Whip sometime, likely before Christmas.

This was my prize for winning a gold medal in the Stout category at the Van Brewer Awards in May. I want to say a big thanks to Rick, Barry, and their brewer Andrew for setting me up to do this! It was a lot of fun.

This was first time I’ve brewed on anything other than my own homebrew system. But R&B has a Tippy Brew Sculpture from More Beer. It’s a 20 gallon set up that makes brewing a damn breeze! The pump was broken this day which was unfortunate, but at the same time, I think that would only be a minor improvement.

The biggest benefit of this system was having everything right in front of me: 3 pots with valves and false bottoms, temp & sight gauges, and individual burners. Having a production brewery behind me didn’t hurt either (sanitizer, hoses, hydrometers, lots of sinks, etc…)

Hopefully I get to brew at R&B again soon! I’ll update with details when I know the date the beer will be served at The Whip.