Some Sad News… No More Pretty Things for BC

Hello all,

Unfortunately RainCity Brands will no longer be distributing beer from Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project.

Dann and Martha, the owners at Pretty Things have decided that it no longer makes sense for them to send beer all the way to BC when they are so busy at home in Massachusetts, and their neighbouring states. They currently distribute to only MA, NY, PA, RI, so we were the only company west of Pennsylvania to be working with them, which was quite a nice little feather in our cap. It was pretty cool while it lasted, but they have simply grown too much and become too busy to be sending beer all the way to the West Coast.

Pretty Things was the first brand I got approval from when I started this company 2 years ago, so they are very special to me personally, and I owe Dann and Martha much thanks for helping me get started. I will miss having their beer in portfolio to say the least. St. Botolph’s Town is probably the perfect beer for me, so selfishly, I’m a bit pissed I can’t have that any more!

I know several of you have these beers on your menus, and will miss them just as much, or that you simply just enjoy picking them up at a bottle shop. My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. I had expected this to occur one day, just not yet!

On a slightly more positive note, we will have some new and really exciting breweries joining our portfolio in the next few months, and I will be sure to keep you all posted on that.

Again, please join me in wishing Dann and Martha and the rest of the Pretty Things team all the best for their incredibly bright future.