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Lambic Summit

If you are interested in Lambic beer you should watch all 8 parts of this series. It’s a really good video from the Lambic Summit at Philly Beer Week, featuring Jean Van Roy from Cantillon, Frank Boon from Brouwerij Boon and Armand Debelder from Drie Fonteinen.

Dan Shelton, the moderator on the video, is an importer in the USA and his Massachusetts based company ‘The Shelton Brothers’ represent several of the same brands as RainCity, including De Ranke, Cantillon, and Brasserie De La Senne. You may have noticed that we have not previously disclosed that we are going to work with De La Senne – if so, thanks for paying attention 😉 We can’t wait to get them here. But I digress…

The first part of the series is below: