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Food Pairing – Cantillon Fou Foune

Cantillon Fou Foune arrived the other day. We haven’t ever had this beer before, and it’s one of our favourites, and an extremely popular beer as well, we learned.

So why not come up with some food pairing fun…???

Personally, I love pairing lambic, and gueuze, with charcuterie, cheese and good bread (specifically soft, just slightly stinky cheese, and dark, rye bread, and something potted like rillettes). It’s a fantastic way to showcase the versatility of great beer and surprise a few people while you’re at it. The fruit, acidity, and juiciness of lambic compliment that type of meal so well, but that felt like a cop-out tonight, when I finally had my Fou Foune.

I wanted to use apricots IN the meal, as I had previously enjoyed a pork belly stuffed with apricots; rolled, breaded and pan fried with Fou Foune. Damn good. Somehow I arrived at a Moroccan-spiced Goat Stew with Couscous. I’ve been using a pressure cooker a lot lately to make a variety of Indian dishes, and this was similar (puree of mint, cilantro, ginger, chiles, added to the pan with sauteed minced onions, ras el hanout, cinnamon, allspice, cloves, and then braised with a little stock and yogurt). I added the apricots at the end for about 15-20 minutes of simmering until plump and soft. I served it with a simple couscous with lemon and orange zest and sultans, and topped it with some left over yogurt, with parsley mint and aforementioned zest mixed in…

The result was beautiful. Honestly, this was one of my favourite meals I’ve ever made. But that’s probably most because of it’s resemblance to what I imagined and expected, rather than it’s overall culinary perfection.

Nevertheless, wonderful. With the Fou Foune, it was even better. The richness of the goat, cooked in yogurt, and spice, was cut by the acidity but not overshadowed. Lambic is one of the rare beverages that has both the refreshing lightness and complexity to match a meal like this. Spice and apricot, and apricot and apricot (both real, and beer-dissolved) melded perfectly with one another. To the last sip the apricot in the Fou Foune was still singing loudly.

Too often beer pairings really aren’t working together – meaning that the beer and the food are not working side by side, making each other better. This was not one of those pairings. Try it out yourself! (I don’t really feel qualified to post recipes, nor do i really cook by them, but I can give guidance if needed) Or just do the cheese/charcutiere cop-out. It’s still incredible.



RainCity Brands is Now “Copper & Theory”!

We’ve changed our name! RainCity Brands is now “Copper & Theory”.

As of today, RainCity Brands, Inc. will begin conducting business as “Copper & Theory Artisan Beer Supply Co.”. This name change allows us to present our beers in a brand new light, and this is a big win for our suppliers and our customers at the retail and restaurant level, and a first step towards fulfilling our larger, long term goals. In 2013 we’ll be introducing some AMAZING new brands while doing a lot more to get our beers out into the market and noticed by beer drinkers. This great new brand is just the beginning…

Why, you ask…?

We wanted a new name and a new brand image to help us fulfil our mission of changing the beers people drink and how they drink them. While “RainCity” served us very well over the last few years, it has some limitations. First and foremost, there are about a dozen other great companies with the same name here in Vancouver (RainCity Grill, RainCity Studios, RainCity Rock, RainCity Bikes, etc… in fact, RainCity Bikes just changed their name in 2012…). Secondly, RainCity says “Vancouver”, but we’ve got customers EVERYWHERE in BC, not just Vancouver, and that also limits our future expansion plans to other markets. Lastly, our old name didn’t really do much to honour our love of beer’s history, science, industry and artistry – which are all things we love about this majestic beverage.

How will this affect you?

Our new brand allows us to be a more prominent and authoritative voice for Craft Beer. It’s more professional and lasting than our old branding, and it’s something we’re very proud to put out into the world. As a result we will be doing just that, and you’ll see us, and our beers more often.

Our new website is, in our opinion, the best agency/importer website in the province, for beer, spirits, or wine. We will still be improving it from here on, but upon it’s launch we will be featuring high resolution bottle shots all products, along with detailed descriptions of the beers. There will be more great features to come, all designed to inform you about the products and where they can be found.

We’re also implementing a new toll free number and phone system to improve our service, and we’ll be launching new marketing and promotional materials, as well as creating a roster of innovative promotional events.

So….. why “Copper & Theory”?

Copper of course references the metal, copper (Cu), the age old material that was once so prominently used in the brewing industry. Some brewers still use copper, though it’s largely fallen out of favour due to practical reasons and has been replaced by the more durable and cheaper stainless steel. Beer has such incredible history, and has impacted industry and economics for the at least the last thousand years. So for us, this one word evokes a lot more than an element on the periodic table.

The word “Theory” is a nod fellow beer nerds, brewers, and drinkers everywhere that may often be found dissecting the alchemy of malting, the conversion of simple starches to sugars, or perhaps the subsequent fermentation that creates alcohol – you get the idea: To truly love beer one must appreciate the science and artistry that goes into it. And it has always been our goal to spread that knowledge to the masses.

And lastly, we just think it sounds good 🙂

So… we proudly present to you, Copper & Theory, same great beers, same cool kids behind the helm, but we got a haircut and bought a fancy new suit.

Happy New Year, and Happy Drinking!!

Lambic Summit

If you are interested in Lambic beer you should watch all 8 parts of this series. It’s a really good video from the Lambic Summit at Philly Beer Week, featuring Jean Van Roy from Cantillon, Frank Boon from Brouwerij Boon and Armand Debelder from Drie Fonteinen.

Dan Shelton, the moderator on the video, is an importer in the USA and his Massachusetts based company ‘The Shelton Brothers’ represent several of the same brands as RainCity, including De Ranke, Cantillon, and Brasserie De La Senne. You may have noticed that we have not previously disclosed that we are going to work with De La Senne – if so, thanks for paying attention 😉 We can’t wait to get them here. But I digress…

The first part of the series is below: