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Vancouver Craft Beer Week

It’s Vancouver Craft Beer Week!

Here’s an overview of what we’re doing!

Monday May 9th

Belgian Beer Showcase at BierCraft Bistro – Experience the best of Belgium. We will be pouring a selection of beers from Cantillon and De Ranke. All told this event will feature over 50 different beers including, St. Bernardus 12, La Chouffe, Houblon, Rochefort 10, Orval, Maredsous, Duvel. The ticket price includes a tasting glass, beer tastings and unlimited Belgian frites and Belgian bier & beef stew. To ensure your safe return home, BierCraft will be providing a free shuttle service within a 30-block radius.

Tickets: https://www.eztix.co/kiosk/2920

Tuesday May 10th

Upright and Driftwood 4 Course Dinner

Featuring cross-border brethren Brewmaster Jason Meyer of Driftwood Brewing and Brewmaster Alex Ganum of Upright Brewing, this night will feature a four-course dinner and six fine selections (three Upright, three Driftwood) from these industry trailblazers.
In keeping with the theme, jazz musician Paul Plimley will perform the evening’s soundtrack. Come out to enjoy select beers, upright-bass grooves, and bold menu items designed to tantalize the adventurer in all of us.

Please arrive by 5:30pm. Alibi opens to the public at 9:30pm

Tickets: https://www.eztix.co/kiosk/2950

Wednesday May 11th

“Brewing Up Cocktails” at The New Oxford

Ezra Johnson-Johnson from Brewing Up Cocktails will be here to perform some alchemy with Ninkasi Brewmaster Jamie Floyd’s creations. Ezra cofounded “Brewing Up Cocktails” in Portland, and has been doing amazing things with beer from Upright and Ninkasi. Ezra also works at Upright and runs the New School Beer Blog. A very talented man! $10 gets you in and gets you your first cocktail.

Tickets: https://www.eztix.co/kiosk/2982

Thursday, May 12th

Brothers in Hop

Three of the Pacific Northwest’s best breweries are teaming up to present Brothers in Hop at the Alibi Room. Join Red Racer’s Gary Lohin, Ninkasi’s Jamie Floyd and Hopworks’ Ben Love for an evening of hop forward ales and locally sourced food. This all-inclusive event will allow you to socialize with brewers and beer fans alike in an evening that’s sure to please your palate. The Alibi Room urges you to be responsible, respect their neighbors, and enjoy free reign over the nine featured beers.

Tickets: https://www.eztix.co/kiosk/2977

De Ranke!

We’re extremely proud to say that Brouwerij De Ranke (‘Duh Rawnk-uh’) is our newest supplier at RainCity Brands. This 15 year old Belgian brewery has a made a big splash in the USA over the past few years, and what they are doing fits right into our portfolio – that is, they brew incredible atisinal beer while eschewing pretention and often, convention.

Nino Bacelle and Guido Devos are the partners that run this brewery. They started it with the notion that the best breweries in Belgium use traditional methods and the freshest ingredients. They also believe that the hop is the single most important ingredient in beer. That is not to say that all of their beers are very hoppy, in fact that simply isn’t the case. More so, I’ve found in drinking them that they showcase the various attributes of the hop with immense range; at times highlighting the mouthfeel, the aroma, the extreme bitterness, the soft fruitiness and the herbaceous qualities that hops can bring to a beer. Each of their beers is a terrific work of art, clearly brewed with nothing but absolute focus, and talent, so naturally these elements are always presented in balance with the yeast and malt.

We’ll mention more about De Ranke as the beers start to arrive. But for now, here’s a brief overview of the De Ranke beer that will be making it’s way into British Columbia:

XX Bitter – The self proclaimed “Hoppiest beer in Belgium”. True or not? Who cares. It’s delicious; a monument to the hop.
Cuvee De Ranke – A blended sour beer, made with about 1/3 Girardin Lambic
Kriek De Ranke – Similar to the above but with cherries, of course
Saison De Dottignies – A seasonal, on the lighter side of the saison spectrum, but well hopped. The only beer from De Ranke we’ve not tried.
Noir De Dottignies – Nutty, malty, fruity and spicy. A darkly complex ale.
Guldenberg – A tripel in style, but perhaps more hop balanced. Dare we say, one of the most ‘sessionable’ 9% beers we’ve tried!

Adam is travelling to Belgium in August to visit De Ranke and Cantillon. We also have a few other suppliers in the works from this great beer nation, and we will update you shortly.

De Ranke beers should be available in stores by August, perhaps sooner.