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More on The Tied House Issue

Paul Kamon at Urban Dinner was kind enough to let Rick Green and I share our respective view points on this issue.

I’m happy that people are discussing it, and I’m actually even happier that there is disagreement. It’s extremely important that we develop discourse around the issues that affect our beloved industry. I respect Rick Green very much, and his opinions also. Rick has done a lot for the Craft Beer community in BC, and while we disagree on this particular issue I know that we want the same outcomes.

Now is the time for us to discuss the path forward, as groups like CAMRA and events like VCBW are helping put BC’s craft beer community on the map both locally and abroad.

Please take a moment to read these if you can.

Here’s my article: http://urbandiner.ca/2011/03/09/an-craft-beer-argument-for-allowing-tied-houses/

Here’s Rick’s article: http://urbandiner.ca/2011/03/08/lclb-looks-to-change-tied-houses-regulation/