VCBW is Underway!

Vancouver Craft Beer Week is in full swing. With Monday and Tuesday behind us I’ve already been to 2 great events; Hoppapalooza at the Alibi Room, and The VanBrewer Awards Party at R&B Brewing.

RainCity Brands was thrilled to have 2 beers on tap at Hoppapalooza, Upright’s Five and Six. Daniel Knibbs from Dockside Brewing had a killer dry-hopped pale ale on tap, and Gary Lohin of Central laid down a double-dry-hopped Imperial IPA (I think) called Roach-a-palooza, which was highly lauded by all.

As for the VanBrewer Awards, it was terrible (if you are a non-drinking vegan), with sausages and beer a plenty. The boys (Zach and Blair) from BeerBrats gave us some great grub, and Chester Carey of Serious Beer School help us EmCee, and hand out awards. The event was marred however by the loss of the Vancouver Canucks to the Chicago Blackhawks. Homebrewers from the VanBrewers Association faired much better, thankfully.

At this moment I’m prepping myself for two nights of awesome-ness at the Upright Crawl, which kicks off for tonight and tomorrow. See you there!